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Elevating Your Gifting Game

On Saturday MailBox Power announced our newest capability at Mailbox Power, and one that truly changes the landscape for gifting.

You can now order laser engraving! Some of the new products you can engrave include a wallet with RFID protection, a phone holder, a journal, wine set, barbecue set, poker set with clay chips, and charcuterie board. But as with all our gifts, we take it one step further: We are the only company we know of that will laser engrave and ship one-at-a-time gifts the next business day!

These new gifts are classy, with a price point we think you'll find shockingly affordable. And, the impact you’ll make in someone’s mailbox with these new gifts is priceless.

We just went from being a customer engagement platform to being THE customer engagement platform while our goal still remains to give you the best platform on the planet.

Click Here for your 2 week trial of MailBox Power

Are you ready to increase business and stay connected to customers and clients?

No matter business you are in we have cards and custom campaigns to use and send to prospects and clients/customers.

Connect with your customers and clients to show appreciation and keep you top of mind.

Looking forward to talking with you,

Lisa Young

MailBox Power Affiliate

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