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Hydration hack to look & feel younger.

Updated: Nov 7

Want to start looking younger… As quickly as tomorrow? There’s a simple step you can take starting now… optimize your hydration! You’re 60% Water Yep, that’s right - the human body is made up of more than half water by weight. That water plays a vital role in the function of organs like your brain, heart, and kidneys. And research has shown that the amount of water you drink plays a critical role in the function and appearance of your skin. Meaning that achieving more youthful, healthy-looking skin can be as easy as improving your hydration levels. Hydration Makes You Look & Feel Younger Staying well-hydrated might not have the same dramatic effect as a facelift or fillers… But keeping your skin well-hydrated absolutely improves the appearance of skin and can even lessen the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It’s more of a “Wow, you are really glowing!” than a “What did you have done?” kind of vibe. And that’s on top of all the other benefits of being well-hydrated… Like having more energy and stamina, fewer cravings, better workout recovery, and so much more. All the things that actually make you FEEL younger! There’s More to Being Hydrated than Just Drinking Water But before you start chugging water… Know that just drinking more water doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get better hydrated. That’s because there’s another key player that does the work of moving water out of your bloodstream and into the cells that need hydration: electrolytes. Having adequate levels of electrolytes (like magnesium and potassium) is the key difference between just drinking water all day and actually becoming well-hydrated. And you might be surprised to learn that many people aren’t getting enough of these essential minerals. Who Needs Electrolytes? Electrolytes are found naturally in food and water - meaning most people should get enough. But most water is highly filtered via processes like reverse osmosis that remove most (or all) of the electrolytes. On top of that, soil degradation from years of mono-crop farming means that formerly electrolyte-rich foods now have lower levels. In addition, even just regular activities can deplete your electrolyte stores… Drinking a cup of coffee daily, a few moderate workouts per week, and common everyday stressors can all rob you of the electrolytes you need for optimal health. Getting enough electrolytes can create a night-and-day difference in how you look and feel… Which is why I no longer leave it up to chance… Drink This for Cellular Hydration

Paleovalley Essential Electrolytes are a simple and delicious way to get the electrolytes you need to look and feel your very best. Unlike “sports drinks” or other hydration powders, all 3 Essential Electrolytes flavors are made with:

  • No Artificial Ingredients — Many electrolytes contain artificial additives and synthetic components that lack the complete range of nutrients present in organic, whole foods.

  • High-Quality, Unprocessed Sea Salt — Instead of using refined salt or isolated sodium, which lack the numerous trace minerals necessary for optimal health.

  • No Added Sugar — Nearly every other electrolyte product contains added sugar, mainly in the form of dextrose derived from GMO corn - which negates most of their benefits.

  • Third-Party Tested — To further ensure purity, Paleovalley Essential Electrolytes are third-party tested for allergens, contaminants, and GMOs.

Simply add a scoop to a glass of water to flood your body with full-spectrum, bioavailable electrolytes, and trace minerals in just 30 seconds a day. Let’s raise a glass to looking AND feeling younger with every passing day! >>> Try NEW! Essential Electrolytes RISK-FREE + SAVE up to 20% TODAY!

PS - Electrolytes aren’t just for athletes. The benefits - from all-day energy to a more youthful look - are for everyone! And with 3 delicious flavors, nothing artificial, and no added sugar, they’re a drink everyone can enjoy. Try NEW! Essential Electrolytes RISK-FREE + Get up to 20% Off TODAY!

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