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Mailbox Power Affiliate Opportunity

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Use your unique link to refer new customers to Mailbox Power. You earn a residual 40% commission on membership sales and a 5% commission on shipped products from customers you refer.

Connect with Lisa Young ~Mailbox Power Super Affiliate

Try the system with a 2 week free trial. CLICK HERE

We’ve grown 260% in the last 12 months and sent out over 1 million shipments in the first four months of 2022! We’ve crushed our goal of reaching 100K people enrolled in birthday campaigns (as of last week, we’re actually at 101,626). And, we’ve broken ground on our new building!

Now is the time to get started as a Mailbox Power Affiliate and start earning residual income.

Lisa Young

Mailbox Power Super Affiliate

Connect with me on Facebook with questions.

To view our products and services: And get started with a Pro or Executive account.

Becoming an affilliate is free with a membership.

Affiliate Program FAQs

Who can join the Mailbox Power Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join, however in order to qualify for commissions an Affiliate must maintain an active Pro membership ($79 per month).

To join simply sign up to get access to links and resources to share the word about Mailbox Power and start earning commissions when you get a successful referral.

How much is the commission?

You're eligible to receive a residual 40% commission on any membership purchase or renewal, plus an additional 5% on shipped qualified products*.

Super Affiliates can earn an additional 10% on memberships and 2.5% on shipped qualified products* from orders placed by customers of other Affiliates they personally refer.

Shipped Qualified Products are all physically shipped products excluding gift cards, and costs of postage.

Is the commission recurring?

Yes! Every time one of your referrals renews their membership or places an order for a product you will receive a commission, so long as you maintain your own active Pro membership.

When will I get paid?

Approximately 10 days after the end of the month. You'll earn a pending commission as soon as your referral makes a purchase. If there are no changes to the purchase (refund, cancellation, etc.) we will payout the commission on the 10th of the following month.

How are referrals tracked?

Anyone who uses your unique invitation link or code will be permanently linked to you. If they happen to click a different referral link before they purchase, they will be linked to the most recent invitation link they clicked.

Can I register a lead or deal for Enterprise level accounts?

No, affiliates can only earn commission on self-serve paid plans including Pro, Executive and Lite plans.

How do I track my commissions?

When you log in to your Mailbox Power account you will have access to an Affiliate Dashboard. Here you can view your referrals, update your invitation link, access reports on commissions you have earned, request payouts, and access resources about Mailbox Power.

How are payments made?

Payments are made through our partnership with HyperWallet (a PayPal company). Once you request a payout to HyperWallet you will receive an email invitation to create an account with them and will need to provide verifiable tax identification.

How do I become a Super Affiliate?

By referring and maintaining at least 30 Pro memberships. Once you reach this threshold an option to upgrade to a Super Affiliate will be presented in your Affiliate Dashboard

Looking forward to connecting with you and getting you started earning income at Mailbox Power.

Lisa Young

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