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Personalized Gifts Market to Surpass $35 Billion by 2027

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Personalized gifts market

The personalized gifts market and the customer appreciation platform Mailbox Power is growing at an exponential rate. Making it the Premiere Customer Engagement Platform in the industry.

Personalized gift traditionally meant gifts that carry a person’s specific details such as full name, first name, surname and initials on them. In recent years personalized gifts are delivered in several ways with unique designs, photos, and logos.

Such gifts are also done with variety of styles, colors and techniques in order to accommodate the personal preference. Personalized gifts gained importance with the rise in digitalization and modern manufacturing processes and technology.

Trends and growth

Due to the diverse options of personalized gifts available and the surge in consumer purchasing, especially among millennials, and business owners of every type, business growth has accelerated in the last two years.

The allure of personalized messages, along with the gifts, also lends a boost to the market demand.

Mailbox Power has quickly made it into the global market, the potential and consumers’ rising trend toward online gifting has been favorable for the overall global industry. Tailor-made gifts are enjoying robust demand while the green gifting trend is emerging fast.

The personalized gifts industry is charging ahead full speed with Mailbox Power.

Depending on product type, the global market includes, but is not limited to, gourmet food, home and garden, prints, pets, wall decoration, personalized chocolates, personalized accessories, personalized diaries, desk accessories, personalized clothing, personalized photo frames, and personalized gifts for customer and clients.

Custom Gifts / Promotional Products

Personalized gifts gained importance with the rise in digitalization and modern manufacturing processes and technology. These gifts are prepared in order to make the consumers feel special. Exclusivity of a particular product was traditionally expensive. However rapid prospects in technology have made the products more affordable and easily accessible. Manufacturers focuses upon consumer preferences and behaviors towards personalized gifts. Product innovation has become a key strategy in order to satisfy consumer demand and maximize the sales.

Mailbox Power has a variety of gifts and cards which has become the premier customer engagement platform in the industry.

Don't forget about Holiday giving to friends, family, co workers and customers alike.

We automate delivery of thoughtful, personalized gifts and cards to your clients to keep them happy and your phone ringing.

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