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When should you reach out to your customers and clients?

Let’s talk about reasons to reach out to customers, clients or prospects. When should you reach out to your customers and clients? Any time you can! Holidays, birthday and half birthday, sympathy—those are occasions you’d normally think of reach out by card or phone.

Through the months, though, are various "holidays" that may complement your profession. Are you an insurance agent? Did you know there’s a National Umbrella Day? What a great time to talk about umbrella (and other) insurance policies!

We’re all about using special days to advance your business message, and there’s no better way to do this than with a Mailbox Power campaign.

Sending seasonal unexpected cards is a way to pour value into your customers. You’re not promoting your brand, you’re giving them some helpful tips. You’re just letting them know you appreciate them without selling them anything or constantly asking for referrals.

Reaching out through direct mail—especially when you personalize it—is incredibly effective, especially right now when it's more difficult to visit people in person.

Mailbox Power is innovation. Personalizing cards and gifts, being able to set it and forget it—that is the magic of Mailbox Power.


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