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Discover BrainSense!

A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Experience a refreshing new level of wellness with BrainSense!

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Experience a refreshing new level of wellness with BrainSense!

BrainSense is designed to provide a solid nutritional foundation to help your brain and body perform optimally.

Brain- Powered by our proprietary CSTek™ mineral delivery technology combines each mineral with organic molecules. CSTek™ is intended to optimize mineral absorption and enable vital nutrients to cross the blood-brain barrier in order to support neuron structure and function*


Body-Delivers essential vitamins and minerals to fortify your body against chronic stress, anxiety, depression and brain cell degeneration.

Balance-The level of each ingredient is calculated to maintain the natural ratios of nutrients in your body that are critical to promote optimal cognitive function, mental clarity, focus, and mood stability.

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Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, GMO-free, Veggie Caps.

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Without sufficient brain nutrients, your cognitive and mental health will be compromised. Unfortunately, certain nutritional deficiencies are common. Your brain is a hungry organ that needs a disproportionate share of nutrients.

When your brain doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it’s hard to feel happy, mentally sharp, and productive.

Additionally, you put yourself at greater risk for mood disorders, brain aging, and degenerative brain diseases.

BrainSense is loaded with all the nutrients and is micronized so it crosses the blood brain barrier and feeds the brain first.

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We also offer a Variety of Products  for Better Health 


Reset Your Digestion System


Improve Sleep


Clarity Energy Focus




CS Women's Balance is formulated to nourish and sustain the body's natural ability to manage stress inside AND out! While it may make noticeable visual differences in hair, skin and nails (want it ladies?), the formula is designed as a powerful stress mitigator for the unseen INSIDE the body.  It's intended to balance mood, and hormone levels, dial down inflamation, influence appetite, metabolism, cognition, circulation, libido, fertility, buoy up the bones, and moderate menopausal symptoms.  So yes, complexion is important to women, but so is their internal happy, and CS Women's Balance is designed to support both! Beautiful inside and out.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“It just helps me feel more grounded during the day. And I definitely notice when I’m not taking it. It brings everything to balance."

- Sam T

“With BrainSense, it’s a focus that doesn’t really heighten your anxiety or energy level, so I'm able to focus on really what I need and want to. "

- Olivia G

The best immunity booster I have found, plus helps me not stress about everyday things. 

- Will J

Let’s Get Healthy ~ Find Your Mental Edge

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